Spending a Whole Day at Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands has the best things to do, during the day and the whole night. There will be no shortage of entertainment in this marvelous place that you will not find at other Singapore hotels. There are too many things to explore that make all guests want to stay more than a week.

If you are one of those guests who are not lucky enough to spend more than two days in this extravagant accommodation place, then you should be smart enough to manage your time. You have to choose the most representative spot to maximize your visit here. Of course, there will be lots of things to miss. But at least, you have to try the best features here that you won’t find at other Singapore hotels.

Start Early to the Infinity

The Infinity Pool in this hotel is indeed delivering infinity satisfaction. You must have heard about its magnificent reviews. Then, it is time to enjoy this remarkable pool. As it is open at 6 AM, then it is highly recommended to wake up early and be the first person there. There are not too many people there from 6 to 9 AM.

Go For The Best Breakfast

With all of those sixty restaurants, it is harder to choose the best one because they all have the very best cuisines. But, for the sake of having a great time, then you can go directly to the Da Paolo.

Located at the Shoppes, all the breakfast menus here get five-star ratings in many directories. The only reason why you should have breakfast here is that you do not have to walk too far before visiting the next recommended destination.

The Shoppes

Before you visit this heaven for shopaholics, you should make sure that you have subscribed to the e-newsletter. You will get lots of information about the latest news, discounts, best deals and interesting things in this splendid mall.

The most amazing thing here is the existence of the first Apple store with the most comprehensive and complete accessories for all Apple devices. Of course, this store is not the only thing that you can find. Be ready to surf on many designers’ boutiques that will make you want to shop till dawn.

Singapore Flyer

Whoever you are, Singapore Flyer is for everyone. Here is not only the most favorite site for kids and family members but everyone. Imagine sitting on a giant wheel that is 165 meters high from the ground.

You don’t only view the magical view of the whole city, but you will also feel excited in feeling the rolling wheel. This site is the closest to Marina Bay Sands as compared to other Singapore hotels.

Flight Experience

Here is another excellent site that you should visit during your stay at Marina Bay Sands. The location is on Raffles Avenue. You can try ‘flying’ a Boeing 737-800. Of course, the actual fact is that you are sitting in a simulator that offers the ‘almost realistic’ plane.

Amazingly, you will get a ‘license’ as a pilot after you finish your 90-minute trip from various ‘airports’ to several cities or countries. Who would deny becoming a ‘pilot’ who can witness the beauty of various countries worldwide?